The Essential Series is our flagship pants: it's an all-time classic loved by so many. The inner layer is woven in a honey-comb pattern and hot stamped with essential oil.
Together with the heat-activated linings, the Essential pants seal your body heat and accelerate your calorie-burning, so you can sweat faster and see results faster.


Chilli Essential

For those who want to feel the maximum burn.

Improves blood circulation and increases metabolism.

Ginger Essential

Our most popular in the series.

Choose these pants for an extra sweat boost, skin hydration, and all-around comfort.

Neroli Essential

Pants that make you look and feel beautiful.

Helps with stretch marks, firms up loose skin, and releases a calming aroma to keep you in the zone.

Mugwort Essential

Shed those extra pounds and absorb all the essential oil goodness.

Helps with digestion, menstrual issues, and insomnia to help you relax better post-workout.

Tea Tree Essential

Never worry about body odor again.

Anti-bacterial & anti-septic, a natural deodorant, and prevents common skin irritation from workouts.



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